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MELLING 10050ST-750SS SBC Billet Oil Pump 7.5" Deep Pan

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MELLING 10050ST-750SS SBC Billet Oil Pump 7.5" Deep Pan

MELLING SELECT 10050ST-750SS Billet Aluminum SBC oil pump - 7.5" Pan Depth

Melling Shark Tooth Billet oil pumps utilize an exclusive helical asymmetrical steel gear design which improves the operation of the distributor resulting in less spark scatter and wear on the drive gear. The robust design will work even in the most demanding applications. Melling’s billet pumps consume less power as compared to competitor pumps. The length of the pump’s drive shaft has been increased to allow for additional support in the cover. Increasing the support eliminates shaft deflection which allows the gears to run true at high RPM levels. Melling billet pumps are available in both stock volume and high volume versions.

Features & Benefits of these oil pumps:

• Smoother: 70% less pressure pulsing and resultant cyclic loads
• Quicker: Reduced time to prime and oil delivery to engine components
• Tighter: Improved tip sealing and overall operating efficiency
• Lighter: 1.75 lbs less than the traditional SB cast iron pump
• Stronger: Chrome moly shafts with additional shaft support
• Compact Design: Fits into the same space as the stock oil pump and pickup
• Integral Pickup: Improves overall performance & eliminates potential failures
• Patented Design: Designed by Melling to be the best wet sump pump

Part #: 886

Price: $499.99
Sale Price: $425.99

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