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LS Stage 2 Short Block 1500hp

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LS Stage 2 Short Block 1500hp


SME Stage2 LS 427 Iron Short Block (Turbo or Supercharged) 1500hp

We now offer SME LS Stage 2 Short Blocks. These proven combinations are the same Short Blocks we use in our full engine builds to make big reliable power. SME Short Blocks are final machined in house to our standards. 

SME Machining 

  • Squared and Surfaced Deck
  • Align Honed Bearing Journals
  • Torque Plate Honed Cylinders
  • All bearings are measured and selected for proper clearances
  • Each Piston Ring will be measured and cut for proper Ring Gap in the cylinder


  • Dart LSNext Iron Block - 
    • 6 Bolt per Cylinder  
    • 4.125" Bore
    • 9.240" Deck Height
    • ARP Main Studs
  • SME Crankshaft Forged 4130 - SME Balanced
    • 4.000" Stroke 
    • 24X or 58X Reluctor Ring
  • SME 6.125" Forged H-Beam L19 Connecting Rods
  • Diamond 4.125" -22.5cc dish Competition Series
  • Total Seal Rings

Part #: 25424

Price: $9,099.99
Please Call for Availability !

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