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Molnar SBC Lightweight Crankshaft


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Molnar Crankshafts are 4340 steel, core hardened and tempered to reduce stress and optimize tensile strength. The crankshafts are made with a nitrating process for hardening rather than induction heat treated. This eliminates any softening between the journals and any post running deformation.

Molnar crankshafts also feature straight oil holes for the best oiling to the rod journals to insure you get the best crank for your money. Each Molnar crankshaft is magnetic particle inspected and held to a maximum tolerance of .0002” journal dimension. Counterweights are placed for optimal load reduction and ease of balancing making less work for you or your builder.

Part #: 1409

Price: $1,299.99
Sale Price: $1,280.31
Stroke/Rod Pin Dia./Rod Length/Bob Weight:

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