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Callies SBC Magnum Crankshaft


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Callies SBC Magnum Crankshaft


Proven High Strength Reliability, after years of service, Magnum crankshafts by Callies have established themselves as one of the most durable competition crankshafts ever produced. Magnum crankshafts are manufactured from ultra pure AISI 4340 steel. Callies then subjects this material to multiple heat treatments including our proven Ultra-Case nitride process. This heat treatment method produces a deep case that enhances strength while creating an extremely hard load bearing wear surface. The Ultra-Case process generates a layer of hardened steel deep enough to maintain its integrity even after a -.010 regrind. All Magnum cranks will have gun drilled mains and fully profiled counterweights, regardless of engine type. Magnum crankshafts are available for a variety of engine types and can be manufactured to your specific configuration

Standard Features
*Average Weight for 3.800 in. Stroke Balanced to 1750g Bob. = 48 lbs
*Gun Drilled Mains
*All Rod Journals Lightened
*Stroke Availability from 2.600 in. to 4.500 in.
*2.100, 2.000, 1.888 and 1.850 Rod Journal Diameters
*400, 350 or 283 Type Main Diameters
*Heat Treatment = Ultra Case Deep Nitride
Special Features
*Additional Post Keyways, Custom Post Drilling
*4 Bolt Sprint Car Flange
*Big Block Chevy Post, Wesmar/Shaver Gear Drive Post

Part #: 638

Price: $2,136.99
Sale Price: $2,036.95

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