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Dart 31283445 BIG M PRO 4.500" / 9.800"


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Dart 31283445 BIG M PRO 4.500" / 9.800"

Dart 31283445 BIG M PRO 4.500" / 9.800"

The Dart Big M Pro Cast Iron Big Block is a no compromise design that solves the problems that have plagued big-block racers for years. Working with top builders and Dart's own championship-winning Pro Stock engine department, they have designed a user-friendly block with the features you need today. For example, Dart redesigned the lubrication system to create a true ''priority main'' system that oils all of the main bearings before the lifters for extra reliability. Next Big Blocks are prone to head gasket failure in long spans between head bolts. Dart has added two head stud bosses on both sides of the lifter valley to take the place of the ''missing'' head bolts.

With bore sizes up to 4.600'' and deck heights from 9.600'' to 11.100''; the Big M Pro gives you the versatility of build a wide variey of engine combinations!


  • Raised Camshaft Location +.600''
  • Oil Pan rails spread +.750''
  • Accepts Stroke Combos up to 5.500''
  • Priority Main Oiling
  • Billet Steel Main Caps
  • Lifter Bores .904''
  • 2-Piece Rear Main Seal
  • Includes Coated Cam Bearings, Freeze Plugs & Dowels

note:  we will contact you and provide you with a freight quote!  This must arrive via truck, and it quoted individually!!

Part #: 1233

Price: $3,699.95

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