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Holley Dominator SBC/BBC Supercharger EFI Kit

Holley Dominator SBC/BBC Supercharger EFI Kit

Price: $6,599.00
Sale Price: $5,784.33

Holley Dominator SBC/BBC Centrifugal Supercharger EFI Kit

Our Holley Dominator kit is designed to work with any SBC/BBC centrifugal supercharger combination, and can be tailored to suit whatever your build needs.  


1 - Holley Dominator ECU

2 - 100 PSI Pressure Sensor

2 - NTK Wideband O2

1 - Main Power Harness

1 - EV1 V8 Injector Harness

1 - Universal MPFI w/ COP Main Harness

1 - Big-Wire CNP Smart Coil Kit

1 - 3 Bar MAP Sensor

1 - Universal 36-1 Tooth Crank Trigger

1 - MSD SBC/BBC Cam Sync & Oil Pump Drive

Contact us at 231-747-7520 to set up a Holley EFI kit specific for your build!

Kits will ship directly from manufacturer, please call us to verify availability.

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