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Speed Wire Systems

Speed Wire Systems

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Speed Wire Systems
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Speed Wire SystemsSpeed Wire Systems

We offer the full line of SpeedWire Systems products, which includes a variety of switch panels, relays and controllers.

Call us and we'll help you configure your SpeedWire setup for your specific application! 

Main control board system with switch panel made from extruded aluminum and powder coated black

  • Up to 11 switched funtions with 12 relays to meet your needs
  • Simple and compact lightweight design
  • Professionally engineered circuitry
  • Self-diagnosing LED's for fuse and relay outputs
  • Flame, moisture and vibration-resistant materials
  • Flame-retardant epoxy and enclosure UL rating 94V-0
  • switch panel enclosed in extruded aluminum housing

The main board utilizes replaceable or high quality micro relays, which are found at most local automotive supply stores. All main board circuits are fused with ATO style fuses -- again simple and locally available.

The main board is already setup with a trans-brake circuit control relay, which when activated, holds the trans solenoid active as well as automatically disarming the Nitrous modules until needed. Works the same for a clutch car through the pedal switch and activating the 2 step.

Part #: 381

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