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PROFILER Wheel Management System

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PROFILER Wheel Management System

The next evolution in traction control is here!


The Davis PROFILER system integrates many of your existing electronic traction control add-ons in one interface.  It features a color touch-screen display, Bluetooth communications capability, SD card storage, PC interface, and a future upgrade path (firmware).  This device also builds on the existing traction control strategies many racers already use, by adding a rate increase function!


As an example - say you have a traction control program that will remove timing if it senses a certain amount of wheel slip (driveshaft-based).  The all-new PROFILER system allows you to INCREASE timing by whatever amount you like if the traction control is not occurring.  This will let your tune get a bit more aggressive in the event of a great track, weather conditions, etc.


The PROFILER base system (starting from $2,995) can be outfitted with the BUMP BOX (a must-have for any turbo car), ProAxe (helps you dial in your trans brake release for the ultimate reaction time off the tree), self-learning traction control strategies, and the all-new PROFILER strategy.  The advantages of this device are many.  We have tested this device on Tom Bailey's SICK SECONDS Camaro with great success.  Call us to discuss just how well this system can help your race program!



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Part #: Profiler

Price: $3,999.00

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