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MSD 7764 Power Grid Module

MSD Ignition Boxes and Coils

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MSD 7764 Power Grid Module

The MSD Power Module is a fully programmable, four stage solid state relay that can handle up to 20 Amps of current per channel. The Power Module eliminates the need for electromechanical relays, fuses and timers. Outputs can be controlled independently or simultaneously, giving great flexibility. It can be configured as a digital output (i.e. ON/OFF) or as a Pulse Width Modulated output (i.e. PWM) with user-programmable frequencies up to 10 Kilohertz. Outputs can use Time, RPM or temperature to control fans, pumps, nitrous systems and much more.

Part #: 1505

Price: $481.95
Sale Price: $441.95

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