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MSD 7730 Main System Controller

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MSD 7730 Main System Controller

msd 7730 power grid - main system controller

The Power Grid Ignition is the latest programmable 7-series digital ignition system that features technology that makes installation and tune ability much simpler. The Power Grid setup consists of a controller (7730), ignition box (7720), a CAN-bus hub (7740) and various modules that allow the user to control different areas of their engine. Timing ramps, rev limits and traction control, can be infinitely adjusted with the Power Grid. It's designed using CAN-bus technology that allows devices to communicate with each other without a host computer. The design of the Power Grid allows modules that feature specific functions, such as launch and rpm control, that easily tie into the Power Grid using a hub, making installation a breeze. It's engineered with a powerful 32-bit micro-controller and is monitored using all-new software called MSD View, which is very comprehensive and an easy program to navigate. The data acquisition files of the Power Grid ignition are captured on a micro SD card for ease of storage and review. The CAN-bus technology reduces the amount of wiring making it a clean and light weight installation. The Power Grid Ignition System produces a super-hot spark (200-220 mJ. compared to 190 mJ. of a 7-series ignition box). This means a more complete burn and more horsepower.

Power Grid System Controller (7730) 
The MSD Power Grid system controller is the brains behind the entire Power Grid system and can be used with any MSD ignition or Pro Mag to provide advanced ignition tuning capabilities. While they are compatible with 6,7 & 8-series ignition boxes, it has been specially designed to mount on top of the Power Grid 7 ignition box (7720).

Power Grid Ignition Control (7720) AVAILABLE SEPARATELY
The Power Grid 7 ignition control offers advanced programming for ultimate control over your rpm and timing. It also provides five retard stages for nitrous and four steps of rpm limits for burnouts, spool, launch, and overrev. The MSD Power Grid 7 ignition boxes' output switch can be set on rpm, pressure, or time. The system can control shift light settings for each gear, and the ignition data acquisition accepts multiple runs. Must be used with (7730)


  • USB Connection for Easy Programming
  • Timing Based on Engine RPM & Gear Value
  • Advanced Individual Cylinder Timing Based on Gear or Time
  • (5) Nitrous Retard Stages
  • (5) RPM Limits: Burnout, Spool, Launch, Over Rev & Safety
  • Output Switch Set on RPM or Time
  • Each Gear Includes Shift Light Settings
  • Ignition Data Acquisition Records Multiple Runs
  • NHRA Legal

  • Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles.
  • To use any modules with the Power Grid System (7720 and 7730) users MUST plug the modules into a 4-Connector CAN-Bus Hub (7740) to be attached to the Power Grid System Controller.

Part #: 996

Price: $486.95

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