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MSD 7531 Digital 7-Plus Programmable

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MSD 7531 Digital 7-Plus Programmable

MSD 7531 digital 7-plus programmable

The Programmable Digital-7 Plus is the ignition includes all of the standard programmable features such as Individual Cylinder Management/Step Retards/Rev Limits/Shift Points and more are included in the Plus version but you also get more. Much! A MAP sensor is required for the boost circuit. The ignition is supplied with wiring harnesses, mounting hardware, an RS232 computer harness and the Pro-Data+ software.

No Timing Compromises - Ignition timing is always a compromise between cylinders. The dynamics of the flow of air and fuel into each cylinder is never exactly the same no matter how much machining magic has been done. This has always caused top engine builders to compromise their ignition timing. With the Programmable Digital-7's advanced Individual Cylinder Management system and other exact timing programs you will never need to compromise again.

  • ICM Timing Control: Adjust the ignition timing in each cylinder! Program up to 5° of timing retard into each individual cylinder in 0.1° increments.
  • Run Curve: Plot a timing curve in 0.1° per 100 rpm throughout the entire rpm range of your engine
  • Launch Curve: Program a timing curve exclusively for the launch! If the starting line conditions are less than adequate, you can set a completely different curve for the launch!
  • Launch Retard: Retard the timing up to 15° for 0-2.5 seconds after you launch the car.
  • Step Retards: Three steps of retard that can be activated with nitrous solenoids or switches.
  • Gear Retards: Program a timing retard up to 5° with every gear change!
  • Start Retard: Ease engine cranking with an adjustable retard during start up.

Power - No other ignition system comes close to matching the output power and the Individual Cylinder Management timing system of the Programmable Ignition. To effectively handle all of the ignition's tasks, a 15mHz microcontroller, reviews, manages and analyzes every trigger signal up to 15,000,000 instructions per second! Capacitive discharge circuits combined with an IGBT Coil driver deliver incredible cylinder pressures. Below 3,300 there is of course MSD's powerful series of multiple sparks. This spark series burns in the cylinder for over 20° of crankshaft rotation resulting in improved combustion for a smooth idle, great throttle response and increased power.

RPM Controls - Monitoring the engine's rpm allows you to set shift light points, activation points and rev limits. The Programmable Digital-7 Plus has MSD's proven Soft Touch rev limiting controls built in and lets you program several rpm features.

  • Three Step Rev Control: Program rev limits in 100 rpm increments for burnout, launch and overrev protection.
  • Shift Light: Program a different rpm setting for each gear change for up to six gears.
  • RPM Activated Window Switch: Activate a circuit at an adjustable rpm such as a nitrous solenoid, then set another rpm level to deactivate the same circuit
  • Map a complete timing curve for every gear.
  • Stage retards can be set to ramp the timing.
  • Updated X-Y plots with interpolation for smooth changes.
  • View all ignition events in a new Launch History window including the retard sum, manifold pressure, RPM, shift points and more.
  • Select the RPM limiter value in RPM/Seconds.
  • Vacuum advance and boost retard is selectable through a MAP sensor.
  • There is a cam sync output for fuel controllers or data acquisition.
  • Program your engine's firing order for ease of setting the cylinder-to-cylinder timing.
  • Automatic magnetic pickup compensation for crank triggers or distributor pickups.
  • Output to activate a device through RPM, time or pressure inputs.
  • An upgraded microcontroller runs at 40mHz enabling timing accuracy within 0.1° and +/- RPM at up to 10,000 RPM

Operating Specifications

  • Spark Energy: 190 mJ per spark
  • Primary Voltage: 535 volts
  • Secondary Voltage: 40,000 volts (tested with Pro Power HVC Coil)
  • Spark Series Duration: 20° crankshaft rotation
  • RPM Range: 12,500 RPM with 14.4 volts
  • Voltage Required: 12 to 18 volts (negative ground)
  • Current Draw: 1.1 amp per 1000 RPM
  • Size: 9.5" L x 4.5" W x 2.2" H
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Part #: 994

Price: $1,069.95
Sale Price: $982.95

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