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Terminator X LS 58X Minitimer - Tuner kit

Terminator X LS Kits

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Terminator X LS 58X Minitimer - Tuner kit

This Kit Fits:

LS Engines: LS2/3/7

Crank Sensor: 58X

Injectors: Minitimer style connector

DBW Control?: NO

Transmission Control?: NO

Tuning Method: Laptop (tuning cable included)


Look at your crank sensor.  If it is black, it is for a 24X motor, if it is gray, it is for a 58X motor. 

As a second check you can remove the sensor and look at the trigger wheel on the crank shaft:

24X trigger wheels have two rows of randomly spaced teeth.

58X trigger wheels have a single row of evenly spaced teeth.

Minitimer                    USCAR                       Multec      

Part #: 550-910T

Price: $899.95
Please Call for Availability !
Fuel Injectors:
MAP Sensor:
Smart Coil Upgrades:
Digital Dash Options:



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