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Holley 553-108 3.5" Touch-Screen LCD

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Holley 553-108 3.5" Touch-Screen LCD

New from holley - 3.5" touch-screen display


The all-new Holley 3.5" touch-screen LCD display is the perfect addition to your existing Holley TERMINATOR, HP, or DOMINATOR EFI system.  This new touch-screen LCD display provides a dynamic range of tuning and data monitoring options in a compact, full color display. 




Basic Tuning options allow simple adjustments of your basic fuel table, fuel learn, basic idle, spark, drive-by-wire, and transmission table


System Tuning option allows modifications to your outputs, engine setup parameters, ignition setup parameters, and additional transmission-related setup


Advanced Tuning option allows fine tuning of your fuel table, closed loop learning, and idle (including IAC and idle spark).

Multiple gauges are preset from Holley, or can be configured to your preference.


ECU datalogging, download datalogs to SD card, upload and download global folders via SD card, update firmware, and adjust rev limiters


Can be used with other Holley CAN devices





Part #: 553-108

Price: $283.95

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