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FuelTech FT500 EFI

Why should I buy this over other systems?

  • Simple configuration, installation made easy with plug n' play PRO harness (sold separately) and great documentation
  • Reliable hardware designed in-house
  • Features (Basic mode fuel and ignition tuning 2D & Advanced 3D)
  • Can be tuned without a laptop by using touch screen
  • Comes with a feature rich touch screen display
  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • Built in 7 bar MAP sensor
  • Store up to 5 maps internally
  • Switch to different maps easily using the built-in touchscreen - Can even be done while engine is running
  • System can be programmed to use any sensor (analog 0-5V w/ 1k pullup selection, frequency digital or digital switch)
  • Controls electronic throttle body with advanced strategy
  • Packed with race proven features (see below)
  • Download all new firmware updates online - FREE (including new features)
  • Accurate base map generation
  • USB certified connection (no need for a serial to USB adapter)

Hardware and Software features:

  • User friendly software interface (both on laptop and touch screen)
  • Fewer menus, better help screens, with advanced real time tuning features
  • Real time trace on fuel and ignition tables (Fuel Table Overlay, Ignition Table Overlay)
  • Configurable breakpoints on both axes, variable number of breakpoints up to 32 x 32 table size (higher resolution any where      you want on RPM band)
  • Helps with idle, spooling. Add extra cells wherever you need
  • Ability to import any specific tables from previous tune-up (Tools->Import Tables)
  • True dual-table staged injection (not just “on/off”), each bank of injectors has its own dedicated fuel table for smooth AFR transitions
  • Makes it easier to tune and able to get more passes from your race engine
  • Table Driven Per cylinder fuel trims (table for each cylinder/rpm and cylinder/MAP)
  • Drag Racing specific timer functions for power management
  • Timed RPM limit from launch
  • Driveshaft RPM timing retard/cut from launch
  • Load existing log file for time based functions
  • Pro Nitrous features
  • Control up to 6 stages
  • Fuel and Timing by stage
  • Individual fuel cylinder trim by stage
  • Bottle pressure compensation
  • 380 MIPS PowerPC cutting edge processor platform

Advanced ignition controls

  • Distributor engines with or without crank trigger
  • Smart Coilpacks (GM LS, Pantera, etc.)
  • CDI ignitions (MSD, Jacobs, M&W, etc.)
  • Multiple trigger patterns supported natively (no external adapters required)
  • Intelligent trigger pattern decoding (noise reduction)
  • Sync loss error reporting (eases debugging ignition problems)
  • Alcohol O2 sensor support (single or dual channel)
  • Interface w/ Racepak dataloggers
  • Canbus communication to other FuelTech products and available partners

Onboard datalogging

  • Configurable sampling rate up to 200hz on all 128 channels
  • Plenty of onboard memory for an entire race weekend
  • Ability to start datalogging automatically by desired RPM (i.e. 5000rpm and above)
  • No need to worry about turning off battery before retrieving data because data is saved internally, instantly

Advanced closed loop corrections

  • Simple or Advanced PID-based tuning for accurate fuel corrections   
  • Per cylinder O2 display and logging

Download the FT ECU Comparison Chart!

Fueltech FT500 EFI Kit- LS Twin Turbo, Gas/E85, Low Imp. 8 Inj.

Part #: 1445