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EFI-TC2 Traction Control System for Holley EFI

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EFI-TC2 Traction Control System for Holley EFI

Key Benefits:
Self-Learning-Automatically Adjusts For Changing Conditions
Multiple Retard Levels- Holley Proprietary Output
Dual Mode Operation- Can run as Non-Self Learning if Desired
Adjustable Using Holley EFI Software
Extremely Fast-Reacts Within 1/8 Of A Turn Of The Driveshaft
Lower E.T. / More Consistent
Compatible w/ Most Data Systems
Compact size- 1.3" x 1.3" x 4.5" (5oz.)
Can Easily Be Moved To Other Chassis



The EFI-TC2 is our most advanced Self-Learning Traction Control system for Holley EFI systems. By monitoring the average rate of acceleration of the drive shaft, and reacting to any sudden increases in that rate. The EFI-TC2 will automatically adjust to changing conditions, keeping the internal settings at optimal levels. The user can adjust the overall sensitivity of unit to achieve the desired results.


The EFI-TC2 is designed for the pro level racer who wants the most advanced Self-Learning technology, combined with enhanced adjustability and multi stage corrections to cut power more precisely than a single stage unit.

These units are perfect for racers looking for the unmatched precision of our Self-Learning units to get more aggressive with their tune ups, utilizing all of the adjustability that the EFI-TC2 has to offer.


The EFI-TC2 is designed specifically to work with the Holley HP and Dominator EFI Systems.

The EFI-TC2 Can also operate as a Non-Self Learning Unit, which may be desired for street use.

The EFI-TC2 is simply the best, most advanced EFI traction control on the market today !

Self-Learning units like the EFI-TC2 automatically adjust to the continually changing conditions as you go down the track.

Please note this price is for the TC2 box only!  You will also need to purchase additional items - please contact us for more details!

Part #: EFI-TC2

Price: $1,099.00
Sale Price: $999.00

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