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Bump Box BB-300

Davis Technologies Traction Control and Bump Boxes

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Bump Box BB-300

The new “Bump Box” is the only device of it’s kind on the market today. By controlling the trans brake with a high speed micro processor, the car can be bumped into the second bulb with extreme precision and control!  This allows the driver to focus on the tree, and not worry about rolling the beams.



Consistent Staging
Consistent Launches / E.T.
Better Reaction Times
Lower 60 ft Times
Stay In The “Zone”
Build Launch Boost Before Staging
One Touch Operation
Allows For Lighter Brake Package
Less Stress On Driver
Allows More Aggressive Spooling



Ground Switching
For Two Wire Solenoid
30 AMPS Max
Dual Mode Operation
USB Updateable

Part #: BB-300

Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $449.00

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